I’m a 34 year old man dealing my whole my life with being overweight and turning to morbid obesity driven by genetic disorder (hyper-resistance to insulin). Keeping the condition under control requires meticulous approach to nutrition combined with exercise to avoid vicious circle of metabolic syndrome.  Working with Liza over past year and a half allowed me to develop and sustain healthy eating habits, expand my wellness related knowledge and together with exercise program lose 70 lbs.

Liza is a true expert with deep and holistic knowledge, passionate coach and partner in realizing health goals, as well as a great teacher. Her program is highly effective, with emphasize on step-by step by sustainable changes and habit forming adjustments on foundation of understanding how our bodies work.  Her advices on ingredients, ways of preparing (always extremely practical) meals, excellent recipes, recommendations of out of home eating are truly priceless.

Being extremely busy executive in international company I hugely appreciate her flexibility on frequency and form of contact (from face to face meetings through skype to email and text).

She is also easy going and fun to work with, which makes it so much easier to follow “the healthy path”. I am extremely satisfied and intend to continue the collaboration, expanding into personal training. I wholeheartedly recommend Liza’s expert help to anyone wanting to improve their wellness.

-Piotr Szymski

 Liza's training approach is very well thought out, and her nutrition expertise is very detailed and will not sugarcoat the advice... Following her program has allowed me to reach my goals at a much faster pace!
- Ralph Fernandez

Training with Liza made me feel stronger & it motivated me to treat my body right.  I love her encouragement & tough love.  As hard as we worked, I couldn't wait to train with her again, because I knew I was doing something good for my body.  As a mom with two young kids, it's easy to put them or other things before working out.  I want them to be a priority, which is why I made training with Liza a priority so I could spend more time with my kids in the long run.  She will encourage you to take care of yourself and training with her becomes a joy! - Jennifer Gould

I have been working out with Liza for 5 months. I started 6 weeks after my daughter was born. Through her personal training and nutritional consulting I've been able to understand, respect, and enjoy my post pardom body. She has helped me set and maintain realistic goals- Thais Fernandez

Thanks for all you great counseling over the last 12 weeks to help me reduce my body fat by over 5% and lose over 12 pounds, but more importantly, for teaching me how to eat properly by balancing macro nutrients in all my meals while keeping overall daily calories consumed in perspective. The accountability in logging my daily meals and meeting once a week really makes a difference. I plan to continue to use what you've taught me to lose another 12 pounds. 

- Rick Pena

After 5 weeks, Alexandre Fraga lost 4 % body, and increases his lean body mass.

After 5 weeks, Alexandre Fraga lost 4 % body, and increases his lean body mass.