Ultimate coaching package

It starts with a self love- a decision you make to better your whole body and self.

Join me for the next 12 weeks to keep you accountable, make the right food choices, and feel good about yourself.

This plan includes 12 weekly check-ins that will be done via email. Work with me from anywhere, anytime.  In addition, we will schedule a follow up phone call every 2 weeks to discuss progress. This plan begins at the date of the assessment, and ends 12 weeks after the first session. Plans are based on specific goals, which include nutrition counseling and macronutrient settings.  

The focus- simplicity. The results- looking better and self confidence. 


Sessions will include a personal nutrition assessment, specific weekly goal setting, homework, exercise recommendations, personalized grocery store list, recipes, and advice. Consider me your coach for the next 12 weeks. Email check ins occur every week, a phone call is scheduled every 2 weeks, and measurements occur every 6 weeks at Elite Athletes Performance,South Miami. 



Want to take this to the next level? Do you have more than 5-10 pounds to lose? Extend this program to 6 months, and save more. Everything is included as listed above, but for an extended time of 24 weeks. This is the ultimate gift of self-care, and self-development. Check ins occur every week, a phone call is scheduled every 2 weeks, and measurements occur every 6 weeks at Elite Athletes Performance, South Miami.



If you are ready to make a commitment to yourself and your health, for the rest of your life, this plan is for you. 

It starts with your intention.

Work with me even when you're traveling, via email and Skype. This program includes 24 sessions completed over 12 months. This includes weekly check-ins, and a phone call follow up every other week. Measurements are taken every 6 weeks. 

 We will break down barriers, learn new habits, and better yourself as a whole. This program is a commitment for a better life, energy levels, and vitality. This is not a quick fix. The program includes a full nutrition assessment, customized macros and 3 day nutrition plan, goal setting, exercise planning and nutrition counseling.

Are you ready for the best version of yourself?



Enjoy all of the benefits of the Ultimate Coaching Package, but with 15 extended 45 minute one on one in person meetings and measurements every 2 weeks. Dig deep to uncover habits that may be sabotaging your progress, develop a healthy relationship with food, and break free from fears of restriction and dieting. Meetings include nutrition counseling, breaking barriers, setting goals, and learning new life-long habits. All meetings are conducted in person at the South Miami office.



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Does your kitchen need a makeover? Tired of the same recipes and confused on how to even begin meal prepping? Let me help you by cleaning out your kitchen and helping you meal prep for the week. I will guide you step-by-step with which tupperware to buy, kitchen gadgets needed, making your grocery list, and the actual meal prep.

Starting at $150 in South Miami, Pinecrest, Coconut Grove, and Coral Gables

Prices vary based on location.


Have specific nutrition questions? Need to ask about the right diet for you?

Need to get back on track after the holidays or weekends? This 75 minute counseling session includes a full nutrition assessment, specific goal setting. Assessments are held at Elite Athletes Performance in South Miami.

 $90 - 1 one 1 

$150 - for a couple


This plan is designed to get you back on track. Do you have a specific event or competition coming up?  Do you need to dial in your macros or revisit your nutrition habits? Are you bored with the current foods you're eating, and just want more excitement in your nutrition plan? This plan is 4 weeks long, and includes a full nutrition assessment, weekly follow ups via email and 1 phone call per week, ,initial body fat measurements, and a follow up session at the end of 4 weeks.  The plan begins at the initial nutrition assessment.

$200 per month  

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For custom packages please contact LizaScottNutrition@gmail.com.