Fat loss vs. Weight Loss Part 1

People often ask me, “what do I need to eat”? My first question to them is “what are your goals?”. If you are like most people, your goals have something to do with fat loss. Fat loss however, is not the same thing as weight loss. If you really wanted to just lose weight, you can do so by not drinking water all day and skipping a meal or two. But where does that get you? Those same 5 pounds that you may have lost will creep back up the very next day after you eat breakfast.

In our bodies, we have fat free mass and fat mass. Our fat free mass is composed of tissues such as muscle and bones. Fat mass, refers to the fat on our bodies and the vital fat that protects our organs.

Fat free mass is also known as metabolically active tissue, which means that it needs nutrients, blood, and water in order to stay active. This is the main reason why we want to feed that tissue with protein rich foods, and whey protein powder. By feeding the metabolically active tissue, you are also increasing your metabolism.

Therefore, in order to get than lean look that you want, you have to change your body composition from the inside. This does not mean just losing weight. This means increasing your fat free mass, and decreasing your fat mass.

Stay tuned for part 2- where I will be discussing how to actually accomplish fat loss, and keep it off!