5 ways to stay FIT on vacation!

It's summer and you have already planned at least one trip to relax, have fun, or just travel somewhere. You work hard during the week to stay in shape by being consistent with your workouts, and keeping your diet in check. But what happens when you go on vacation? Is this an excuse to get "fluffy" (said by a fellow instagramer) and eat as much as you want? I say NO WAY! To me, it's just not worth it! 

However, there are ways you can still enjoy your vaca and not be obsessing about food or working out. Here are 5 ways to stay fit vacation!

1) DO NOT go crazy with a buffet. If you are going to a cruise, or even staying at a hotel- you may have to deal with making choices at a buffet. Keep it simple people- start with a large salad, add some protein, and maybe a small serving of carbs. There is absolutely no reason you need to have pizza at every meal, when there are better choices present.
2) Stay active! I recently went on a cruise, and I think I came back more tired! Luckily there was a gym on the cruise, which I used twice! ( no, not everyday). Also, we planned activities that kept us active and were fun (kayaking and snorkeling). If you're visiting somewhere like Europe, just keep walking! 
3) Pick your poison- alcohol or dessert. Some people want to indulge with alcohol on vacation, others may want desserts. Pick one, and DO NOT mix the 2 together! I had someone comment on a picture saying they gained 14 pounds in 7 days on a  cruise by indulging a little too much! 
4) Stay consistent with a regular eating schedule. One of my clients shared that usually when they go on vacation they wait all day to eat their first meal- not good! Start with a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pack some fruit and nuts if you know you won't have access to food for long time. 
5) Relax. Let your body actually rest on vacation, so you can come back refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things. Relaxation can help decrease your cortisol levels, and let your body function at it's finest! If you are going away with family and they stress you out (anyone?) then make sure to plan some activities that you actually enjoy.


Now go enjoy that vacation! If you do end up gaining too much weight…then you can call me :)