Just Say NO!

I was checking out at the local grocery store today, and I was hungry!  As I was checking out, I looked behind me and saw rows upon rows of candy. 



No actually, please don't. 

Are you the kind of person who will take that one piece of candy? Well I am here to tell you: JUST SAY NO. 

PUT IT DOWN. That's right….DOWN.

Eating candy on an empty stomach will:

1) Spike up your blood sugar and increase your insulin levels (and you'll crash later)

2) Prevent you from eating what you SHOULD be eating… (protein and veggies because you will ruin your appetite!!! My babushka was right after all)

3) Make you feel guilty, and you might even cry

So the lesson of the day is - don't eat candy and don't go food shopping on an empty stomach. 

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