I can't take this anymore!

Everyone wants to look good, and FEEL good. You may be working out in the hottest fitness studios in your area, taking every spinning, kettlebell, and yoga class in town. But what are you doing when you get home? Are you shoveling chips, and chugging red wine after your hard workout?

You simply cannot get the body you want, just by working out everyday and not paying attention to your nutrition plan. (Not using the word diet here!)


Diet automatically screams the word “limitation” to me. People think diet, and think they have to be starving. Then, all of your focus goes to food, and you become obsessive about it. Probably not the path you want to head down on.

There is a way to lose body fat, and not feel like you are starving. Most of us crave certain foods not because we are actually hungry for them, but because our behavior patterns are so used to getting those types of foods during a stressful time, or certain family gathering.

What if you changed your habits? What if you started with one small thing per week? What if this process started to feel natural to you?

There is way. It is not a magic pill, it is not one type of supplements, and it is not a scam.

I am offering a *free* 15 minute phone consult, because I know you want to feel healthy both physically and mentally. I will work with you one on one to figure out the things holding you back from feeling your best. Send an email to LizaScottNutrition@gmail.com to set up your appointment. This offer will end this Friday January 16. I hope to speak to you!