Stop the guilt- and lose the weight

I remember being a freshman in high school, and the cool junior girls would say, “just wait until your junior year’, implying that us little freshman would be putting on some weight by then or worse, getting “fat”. That comment never left my mind! Dieting is instilled in girls at such a young age, putting fear in our mind that we have to always remain looking a certain way. I know this still holds true these days, as I hear the comments my little sister says!. Why is she talking about a “cheat” meal at 14 years old?


As a dietitian, personal trainer, and a woman , health and looking good is important! But I hate the negative connotation dieting has and how people perceive it. When you notice you’ve gained a few pounds and realize you need to do something about, how do you feel about it? Do you have an easy going attitude or do you start berating yourself and saying things about your body, that you would never say to your best friend? I know this issue is real, and not only have I experienced myself many times, but I hear it around me all the time. 

So its time girls and boys, to stop the negative self talk, the guilt, the blame, the crazy diet rules that you love to break, and the limitations. You will never be successful in losing weight, or getting healthy by leading your mindset with negativity.

Following a diet that you hate, that is really restrictive or doesn’t make sense to you, will stress you out, increase your cortisol levels, and keep the fat on. Following this approach, you will also want to “cheat” on that diet everyday. Then you will give up, say nothing works and be right back as square one.

So how should you really go about this? 

Start with a loving attitude towards yourself. 

Reminder, berating yourself or your eating habits wont help. 

Ask yourself why you really want to change and lose weight, and for what reasons? If your reasons include feeling better, feeling happier, being in a better mood, and having more energy- then go for it. If you’re trying to lose weight to show a certain someone how good you look, then please dig a little deeper.

When you feel good about the food you are eating, are not stressing out about it, that is when the magic happens. It almost seems effortless, and you will feel good doing it. 

Look up Dr. Emotos water experiment. Here are a few pictures of how words influence water molecules. Since we are made up oof water, what we say to ourselves will impact us greatly. 


The better relationship we have with ourselves, and the kinder we are to ourselves, the better we feel. Our brain and body respond to our daily thoughts and feelings. Only send thoughts of love to yourself.

 I love this woman! Louise Hay    

I love this woman! Louise Hay 


I know, its easier said than done. If you are new to this, check out my beloved author Louise Hay, and the book “You Can Heal Your Life”. It is a great starter in building that relationship with yourself.

So, the next time you say you want to lose a few pounds- do it with love, and eat food that you actually enjoy! (but include lots of veggies too!)

Sending love and light to all of you. xoxo