FUN at the famers market!

This past weekend, I finally went to the farmers market! 

My favorite veggie!

My favorite veggie!

I was so excited, and I bought a lot of goodies!

I bought the most beautiful cucumbers and tomatoes. They actually smelled good! I hate when you try to smell a tomato,and it doesn't smell like anything!

I also stocked up on some free range eggs, beets,organic coffee, pickled ginger, the best smelling organic soap that I have ever tried! I was tempted to eat it...

The veggies were very cheap- cheaper than any supermarket around here! They also tasted better.

The eggs were more expensive, and I didn't taste much of a difference from the regular cage free eggs we buy.

The coffee- I believe also tastes better. I've been using the same cuban espresso beans for a long time, and wanted a little change. (coffee is a big deal, ok?)

I will definitely be going back for round 2, 3 and 4. What a great little Sunday afternoon activity!

Let me know what experiences you've had at the farmers market!

Tropical Fruit

Tropical Fruit