5 steps to take when you feel like don't want to face the world

Some days you will wake up happy and cheery.

Some days you wont.

Instead of spiraling down the path where you just want to stay home all day, not talk to anyone, and be useless….do these steps instead.

I’ve had those days, but we all have the power to make a choice.

It’s ultimately your decision how you want to face the day. You are in charge.

Here is a list of steps you need to take to get yourself into a better mindset, and move on with your day.

1)   Make a to do list. I like to write on top of mine: “Get your s**t together list”

 (I’m being honest, you can of course write what ever you want) Write down the things you need to get done only in THAT day. Don’t overwhelm yourself with projects.

2)   Thank God for what you have. House, apartment, friends, kids, parents, your gym, your clothes, your makeup, animals….whatever it is. Thank God for all of the good things you have in your life.

3)   Take a shower, and wash your hair.  Taking a shower is cleansing, and energizing. Think of it as a fresh start, and that you are washing all the crap out of your system.

4)   Get dressed. Put on something that makes your feel good. A special shirt, shoes, heels. Something that you know you look good in. Put a little makeup up too…guys do your hair.

5)   Find a set of affirmations or a mantra that you really like, and use them on a daily basis.This one may be out of the ordinary for you but it works. Do it even if you don’t believe it at the moment, but it will eventually sink in. 


Here are some examples:

      I communicate with ease and grace. People are willing to embrace what I have to say

      I am thankful for everything in my world.

      My body is infused with energy and health

      I am letting happiness manifest my life.

      I am free from self-doubt .