7 Steps to Heal Your Gut....

These symptoms are not normal. No, its not ok for your stomach to hurt every time you eat. 

I remember when this FIRST happened to me, 5 years ago. I went to the doctor, I was tested to H. Pylori, and had some other tests done. I couldn't figure it out! All my tests were negative. I realized later on it was stressed related. Go figure!

Fast forward 5 years later...the same thing happened. This time it was worse. More painful, and so uncomfortable. It literally lasted almost 2 weeks. I couldn't take it anymore. Once again, thank you stress! After I realized what it was from, it was time to do some work. I honestly could not believe how much stress was affecting me. I was willing to do anything to feel better!

SO....I began my research and reached out for some help. I wanted to share this with you, in case you are going through the same thing! So here we go...

1) I started writing down what I was eating. The easiest way for me turned out to be in my "notes" on my iPhone. You can use google sheets, my fitness pal, or even an actual notebook! By writing down what you are eating, you can really begin to see your own patterns. 

2) I added variety to my diet. Although I was eating healthy, I was pretty much eating the same thing everyday.  I added different types of fish like wild caught  mahi-mahi, wild caught salmon, began making green juices, added steel cut oats, squash, and sweet potatoes. I included healthy fats like almond butter, eggs, and coconut oil. 

I took OUT: Ezekiel and/or California Sprouted bread ( experimenting with gluten sensitivity), and dairy. I cut out wine for a little bit too. Gluten take cause more irrigation, so I am about 90% gluten free as of now. I also cut  out whey protein powder.

3) I added a probiotic. I started with Align, and then stepped up my game to Asprega. Other probiotics I researched included VSL3 and Prescript Assist. I am happy with Asprega, and I am still using it. Here is a link to the one I'm currently using: Probiotic.

Here is a list of supplements I began taking as well, they will all be linked so you can check them out. 

- Heather's Tummy Tamers

- Digestive Enzymes

- L- Glutamine

- Marshmallow Root

- Slippery elm

4) I added essential oils: I swear by Digize! It helps me within minutes. I also use lavender, and fennel. Make sure to use therapeutic grade essential oils if you are using them on your skin, or drinking them. You can order these oils from Youngliving.com. To get wholesale pricing, you can become a member and get all the benefits. Here is some more info. I'm a lover of all high quality oils. 

5) I experimented with fermented foods- I made my own batch of kombucha, and even sauerkraut. I even asked my grandma for some tips, we used to eat this all the time in Russia!  #yum

6) I tried both broth, and even ordered gelatin to make gummies. I only drank the bone broth once, but this is something I would like to incorporate more into my diet. 

7) I rested more. Since my symptoms were caused from stress, I gave myself more time to rest (without the guilt) and let myself have more downtime. Even if it just on a Sunday.I scheduled a few more appointments with my amazing acupuncturist, who I absolutely love, and my massage therapist. AND I actually went to therapy myself. 

I know this seems like a lot of steps, but this took me over 3 months to do. I did it very slowly, and am still doing it. Everyday is not by any means perfect, and the reason I am doing it is to heal my issues, not just mask them with a bunch of meds. Did you know certain "stomach acid" meds are only meant to be taken for several months at a time? I know a lot of people that have been taking these meds to years! The point is, try to find out what the root cause of your symptoms may be, and start from there. Make little baby steps, one day at a time. 

The book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay has helped me tremendously as well! Happy healing :)

Other resources: Dramymyers.com



Have you ever had a stomach ache? Or feel like you are not digesting your food? Feeling bloated?