Won't you save me San Francisco?

This past week, I celebrated my 30'th birthday and my husband and I took a wonderful trip to one of my favorite cities - San Francisco. When I was 5, my mother and my stepdad moved to San Francisco from Moscow, Russia. SF was my first American home. We lived on 16th and Geary, and I can remember it like it was yesterday! 

liza golden gate.JPG

I've been back to the city several times, but this time I took my husband with me. This was so incredibly special to me because I felt like I was sharing a part of my childhood with him. My mother also loved the city, and it just brings me back home when I think of all of the memories there.

As we rode our bikes and walked through Golden Gate Park, I could smell the eucalyptus trees and I literally felt like an 8 year old kid, riding her bike through the park just I used to every weekend. STRONG nostalgia. I loved every second. 

Living life without my mother is still hard, but when I'm happy and in a good mood, I feel like she is closer to me. I honestly thought I would just break down crying as soon as we landed in SF, but that did not happen. Maybe it's still coming. 

I also connected with a childhood friend. Its funny how you can grow up on the other side of the country yet still be so connected with someone. Although we have different lives and have had our own experiences, I felt like I was talking to my sister over lunch. I guess it has to do with growing up Russian in a San Francisco!

On another note- I was SO impressed with the breakfast/lunch choices at a cafe in the airport as we were leaving San Fran. I even took pictures of the lunch options they had because I wanted to re-create them at home! 

Lastly, I had the best cup of coffee I've ever had in my life. Well actually Jon ordered it, and I just tasted some. WOW. Every other coffee tasted like absolute crap the rest of the trip. The coffee shop was called Reveille Coffee. OMG. I believe it was made with the pour over method, so I am going to get my hands on one of those as soon as I can!  

OK now for some pics!